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*nix (Unix or Linux)

The program has the following dependencies, which have to be properly in place, for it to run:

-> Python = 2.2 and greater
    (freely down-loadable from
-> Pmw
    (freely down-loadable from >
-> Tk 8 and greater
    (should come included with your python installation)


Once you have these working, download AlgViewer.tar.gz, and, from a shell, type:


tar -xzvf AlgViewer.tar.gz

cd AlgViewer

python ./


Run the installer by double clicking 'AlgViewer.exe'. The AlgViewer's icon will appear in the desktop and in the startup menu.

In alternative, if you have Python ( 2.2 and greater) and Pmw installed, you can unzip the zipped release and start the program by double clicking on the '' file in the AlgViewer main directory.


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