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Scorecard algorithms data structure

Scorecard algorithms are stored in text files. Rows of the scorecard algorithm are divided by newlines. Each scorecard item is separated from the previous/next by a comma and has a numeric 'weight' assigned as a number. The only items without an assigned weight are the headers of rows and columns (see table score_card_table and figure score_card_picture ).

Table 2: Example of scorecard text file

Figure 3: Scorecard algorithm example

Using scorecard algorithms

Scorecards are selected in the main Algs_dir window, either with the keyboard, by pressing space, or with the mouse, by clicking on them with the left button. The selected alg is then displayed in a new window.

Each scorecard element can be selected by clicking on it with the mouse left button. Once completely filled, the scorecard can be processed upon pressing the submit button. A simple report message will appear, showing, for each diagnostic category, the sum total of all the selected options times their corresponding ``weightings'' (see picture score_card_usage).

Figure 4: Scorecard algorithm example



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