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Carlo B. Bifulco


AlgViewer allows navigation, editing and sharing of tree like and scorecard like algorithms.
Algorithms are implemented as text files and visualized with a simple graphic user interface.
Algorithms stored on a local machine are synchronized, through FTP, with a central repository on a remote server, permitting sharing of newly created algorithms among a community of users.

AlgViewer runs on W32 and *nix systems, is written in Python and uses Tkinter and Pmw as a graphic user interface. It has been designed for people who use algorithms in their daily work. It's original application is diagnostic Surgical Pathology.

The latest version can be found at



To Charles E. "Gene" Cash for the tree Tkinter widget. To Stefan Schwarzer for the ftputil module. To Guido Van Rossum for trying to make CP4E a reality. To Paolo and Alessandro, for sleeping once in a while, and to Maritza, for taking good care of them.

Department of Pathology, Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, Italy. E-mail: